What Is A Party Wall Award

In London and the UK, a Party Wall Award is a legal document that outlines the rights and obligations of the Owner initiating the building works (referred to as the “Building Owner” in party wall parlance) and the legal owners of the adjacent, nearby property (referred to as a “Adjoining Owner” by the Party Wall Act).

Party wall surveyors (or a “Agreed” surveyor, if one surveyor represents both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner) prepare the Award. The Award outlines the tasks that must be completed in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (typically, the “party wall” tasks are really a portion of a larger plan). Drawings and method descriptions may also be included since it outlines the schedule and nature of the intended works.

A schedule of condition is typically also included on the grounds that a “Building Owner” is required to repair any harm the party wall works create to the adjoining property. This is a list of the neighbouring property’s state that is made before any pertinent work starts. In the event that the party wall works result in damage, the schedule of condition then serves as a point of reference.