An investment property is a valuable asset to any Landlord, we understand that letting your property can be a daunting task when you have to ensure you are upto date with compliance, achieving a fair market rent and ensuring you have the right tenants for your property.

Whilst we have a list of how our service can fit a Landlord, we are able to tailor this specifically for each client. Feel free to review our information below or get in touch to discuss further.

Lettings Only – Our letting only package relinquishes the day to day management of the property to the Landlord. All communication will be dealt with directly with the Landlord. We will however aid the Landlord in Marketing the property, carrying out viewings, sourcing and vetting prospective tenants and drafting up to contracts for signing of the Tenancy Agreement.

We can also collect and register Deposits with a Custodial scheme in the UK.

Rent Guarantee – One of our most popular packages is the Rent Guarantee option which is also known as ‘Rent to Rent’. In our experience we find that Landlords prefer certainty and very much like the idea of a fixed rental income without all the stress involved in the general letting of a property. Avoiding marketing the property, allowing viewings to take place, finding a suitable tenant, performing background checks, checking them in and signing a contract with them can seem like a tedious task for any landlord. Our Rent Guarantee package eliminates all those steps and simplifies it to the point of agreeing on a fixed rent both you as the Landlord and us as the agent are happy with. Beyond that, we effectively sublet your property, taking on the void periods and carefully selecting suitable tenants whilst also managing the property throughout the entire agreement period.

  • A guaranteed and fixed rental income on the same day each month.
  • You still get paid even if there are void periods throughout our search to sublet.
  • No hidden costs involved.
  • We handle all queries, complaints and minor maintenance requests.
  • We pay you on time irrespective of whether we get paid on time.

Management – The management service allows the Landlord to feel at ease in knowing that their letting agent has everything covered from ensuring compliance is upto date which includes Gas Safety Certification, EICR assessments, EPC ratings etc. Lack of attention to these details can result in penalties.

During a tenancy we carry out periodic inspections to ensure the property is being looked after whilst also picking up on any issues or maintenance that may need to be addressed.

This service can include marketing the property whilst sourcing and vetting suitable tenants to move into your property which falls hand in hand with our lettings service. Within this service we carry out viewings, ensuring the tenant fits the affordability criteria, checking the tenant in, rent collection and eventually checking the tenant out when they do decide to move out. We also handle rent collection and rent chasers where they are necessary.

Short Term Lets – Many Landlords like to take on an innovative approach to letting their property. Short term lets allows more flexibility and also the opportunity to earn a higher rental amount due to the short term nature of the lets. With this package we are able to manage the landlord’s availability calendar and ensure the property is let out for the preferred time periods set out by the Landlord. We work closely with companies such as Airbnb, and Spareroom to achieve this. We found that this package suits landlords who like to also enjoy their property as a second residence/short break home. They may also have family or friends who’d like to use the property but want to also make the most of the property from a rental perspective instead of the property sitting vacant.