About Us

Balancing a strong foundation of expertise with an innovative approach.

Lincoln Manors is a Surveying and Residential Lettings and Management company. We are based in Central London but cover all areas of London and surrounding areas. We also carry out some Specialist projects across different areas of England. With a deep understanding of the Property industry in general, we feel we are well versed. Providing services such as Surveying and Residential Lettings and Management gives us a wider range of understanding within the Industry.

Since our inception, we have been involved in some fantastic projects and developments, partnering with some of the most prestigious companies in England.

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A Deeper Dive into what we do

We specialise in Party Wall Surveying, the Party Wall etc Act 1996 sets out legislation on how homeowners are to go about any renovation, development and extension works. The Act safeguards homeowners and adjoining owners from works and any dubious claims for damage being made. As Party Wall Surveyors we have a duty to buildings and their preservation. In a fast paced city such as London, we understand the ever changing dynamics of society and way of life. People require more space within their homes, there is a higher frequency of people working from home.

Party Wall Surveying allows homeowners to safely go about their extension works whilst being able to provide reassurance to any interested parties. A Party Wall Surveyor will manage that process between all relevant parties. Please have a read of our services to get an in depth understanding of what the process involves.

We also provide a Lettings and Management service to our clients. In the traditional sense this involves managing a portfolio of properties we have put together through partners and clients we have worked with. We provide a range of services with the lettings to our clients involving Rent Guarantees which seems to be a popular option due to the nature of certainty. Please have a read of our services to get an in depth understanding of what the process involves.

What makes us different?

We believe in traditional methods that have a strong foundation which has ultimately set the precedent on how we have operated for years in this industry. As the world and technology constantly develops, we think combining these traditional methods with a modern approach provides the best and practical service for our clients.

Newham Futsal Club

Lincoln Manors Property places high value on the impact that grassroots organisations have on society and local communities.

With this in mind, we want to ensure that we are supporting this vital delivery and supporting our wider communities. To ensure we are being impactful and inline with our commitment to quality delivery, we have partnered up with Newham Futsal Club, a grassroots sports organisation based in East London, who provide opportunities for all members of the community to participate in sport, reducing the impact of finance as a barrier to engagement.

We join other reputable organisations such as the Department for Education, London Borough of Camden, Tower Hamlets and Newham to support the development and the amazing work of Newham Futsal Club.